Noun – uncountable
Origin: show + time
The time at which something is supposed to begin…
SHOWTIME DESIGN founded by Stefan Geisbauer in 2012.
Life is too precious for boring standards! This is Stefan Geisbauer’s credo,
who focusses on unconventional surprise effects with his brand SHOWTIME DESIGN
and embellishes angular industrial design with sparkle and glitter – high tec with panache
and much love of detail. A brilliant example is the coffee table “STAR.K” with a glass top
and sparkly stainless steel frame in the shape of a star.
The Munich-born artist became known for his flat, almost silhouette-like lamp LOOKSOFLAT
designed for Ingo Maurer. The lamp was nominated for the 2012 German Design Prize and now
stands – a modern classic – in the Design Museum in London and the Designmuseo in Helsinki.